Lake Arrowhead Tattoo Is A Destination Tattoo & Body Piercing Shop Bringing You Top Talent From Around The Globe!

Our second Tattoo Shop location will be serving the Mountain Communities, San Bernadino County area and beyond. Here at Lake Arrowhead Tattoo, we keep very high standards of cleanliness. Your safety is our priority in tattooing and piercing you.. Our artists are trained in bloodborne pathogen handling yearly. We are Cal O.S.H.A. certified and licensed by the San Bernardino & Los Angeles Health Department.

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Visit us at our second location:

26744 CA-189, Blue Jay, CA 92317
Lake Arrowhead, San Bernardino County


Meet our artists

At Lake Arrowhead Tattoo our crew of tattoo artists and piercers are skilled craftsmen. They take pride in translating whatever you have in your imagination into a tattoo or piercing that reflects your personality and sense of style. Our responsibility is to provide our customers with the very best tattooing and piercing experience possible. All crew are CAL O.S.H.A Bloodborne Pathogens certified and licensed by the San Bernardino County Health Dept.

Cap’n Dave be Studio City Tattoo’s resident Pirate Tattooer hailing from Southern California, this tattoo machine wielding pirate has been tattooing for nearly 2 1/2 decades.

Jose is a Los Angeles based tattooist, where he’s worked as an artist with Studio City Tattoo for the last eight years. A renaissance man, of sorts, he has been successful in multiple mediums throughout his long career in art—everything from prop work in the film industry to interior design

My name’s Marv! I’m one of the piercers here at SCT/ Los Angeles Body Piercing. In my free time, I enjoy jamming with friends. I play the drums, it’s the only one with a chair. I also love cooking, because I get to eat when I’m done. I’ve been piercing since ‘08 and still love what I do. Let me show you how much I love my job! I hope to pierce you soon.

My sister and I came in late(ish) at night and Chris and Dave took us in and helped us out. I got inked by Chris and Dave did my sister, who was getting her first tattoo, of which he was very considerate. They were both super cool and accommodating and we love how our little matching pieces came out. The receptionist was also really sweet. The interior of the shop is awesome, and they have a fun sense of humor (see aftercare sheet). We definitely weren't cool enough to be there. I only have a few other tattoos and I've never been a repeat customer at previous shops but if I get another, I'd love to go back to Chris!
Got my first tat done by Emily! She's an amazing artist and she seriously has the lightest hand! She's cool too! I was so nervous since it was my first time but Emily is the perfect artist for that gateway tattoo...the experience was pretty much painless! I asked for a small flower tattoo which only took 20 minutes, with very faint stinging here and there but that was it. The healing process was fast and the aftercare was really easy too. I didn't experience any scabbing or itching and there were times that I actually forgot that I had gotten a tattoo on my back! They take walk-ins for both tattoos and piercings though I would recommend getting an appointment. They can get pretty busy especially during the weekends!

" Good Tattoos Are Not Cheap and Cheap Tattoos Are Not Good! "
"Our Piercing Skills And Body Jewelry Quality Can't Be Beat!"

Our Services

Tattoo Shop

Our shop draws talent from across the globe including the award-winning artists of Studio City Tattoo, our sister location. Our commitment to safe body modification practices and quality is unmatched!

D Luna Nose Piercing Studio City Tattoo

Body Piercing

We will be having expert body piercers from Los Angeles Body Piercing inside Studio City Tattoo visit us on a regular basis to provide expert body piercing to the residents of Lake Arrowhead and our visiting tattoo clients

Body Jewelry

We are proud to introduce the best of the high-end gold body jewelry from the top body jewelry manufacturers like Anatometal Industrial Strength body jewelry, Body Vision Los Angeles, Tawapa, and others. Los Angeles Body Jewelry only sells the highest quality gold body jewelry available.

Travelling to Los Angeles :

Visit our main shop at :

Studio City Tattoo & Body Piercing
1032 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 769-4049